A Destroyed Burial Containing a Lunula Pendant from Sambian Peninusula
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Калининградский областной историко-художественный музей ул. Клиническая 2, 236016 Калининград
Publication date: 2014-12-31
Wiadomości Archeologiczne 2014;LXV(65):277-283
From the investigation of a cemetery in the locality Logvino in the northern area of the Sambian Peninusula (Fig. 1) made in 2012 and 2013 comes a gold lunula pendant, presumably an element of a grave inventory (‘assemblage 1’) from a destroyed female cremation burial (burials?). The pendant, decorated in a style characteristic for the Leuna-Hassleben horizon (Fig. 2), finds numerous analogies in finds from the territory of the Cherniakhiv Culture (Fig. 5). Except for the pendant, ‘assemblage 1’ consists of a silver buckle and silver rivetbosses from a belt, a fragment of a silver finger-ring, a fragment of a silver shield-headed bracelet and a fragment of a silver brooch with a returned foot (Fig. 3 & 4). All of them date to phase С2 of the Roman Period; their style suggests exchange between the local community and the people of the Wielbark Culture in the Elbląg Heights.
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