Ghostwriting prevention

With the principles of ethics and academic integrity, and the professional level of Wiadomości Archeologiczne in mind, the Editors propose to implement procedures to protect against cases of academic fraud described as ghostwriting and guest (honorary) authorship.
Ghostwriting is when the name of an actual author/co-author of a publication, or of a person who has made a significant contribution to its writing, remains undisclosed and is not credited for his or her contribution. Similarly, when no credit is given for assistance or support given by a natural person or a legal entity to complete a publication, which traditionally is noted in relevant footnotes or acknowledgements in the publication.
Guest (or honorary) authorship is a case where someone has been indicated as author or co-author of a publication when in fact his or her participation was negligible or there was none.
To sustain appropriate academic standards of articles published in Wiadomości Archeologiczne the Editors shall do their utmost to combat these two practices; consequently Authors of texts accepted for publication shall be requested to fill in and sign a declaration to confirm the actual scope of their contribution (as co-author) of the submitted works (including information about affiliation, participation in developing the concept and principles, research methods, drawings, photograph and other figures etc.). In submitting his or her work an author responsibility for the veracity of these declarations. The Editors will document every revealed instance of ghostwriting and guest authorship.

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