Three Roman Bronze Vessels from the Settlement of Przeworsk Culture at Powodów Drugi, Poddębice County
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Instytut Archeologii UW, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, PL 00-927 Warszawa
Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne w Łodzi, Pl. Wolności 14, PL 91-415 Łódź
Wiadomości Archeologiczne 2017;LXVIII(68):281–287
In 2003 the Museum of Archaeology an Ethnography in Łódź added to its collections three bronze vessels recovered from the settlement at Powodów Drugi, Poddębice County in Central Poland (Fig. 1), presumably from a derelict, stone-built stove with a domed clay roof. The group includes a bronze bowl which lacks closer analogy in the classification system of H. J. Eggers (Fig. 2:1), a wine dipper, type E.162 (Fig. 2:2), and a skillet, type E.142 (Fig. 3), with a now incomplete maker mark of Publius Cipius Polybius. Nearly all vessels classified to type E.142 with a maker mark of Polybius found in the Barbaricum (Fig. 4) have been recorded in a grave context; except for the find from Powodów, and two vessels belonging to two hoards from Havor on Gotland deposited in a context other than sepulchral. The Publius Cipius Polybius skillet establishes the dating of the deposit from Powodów Drugi as phase B1b–B2.