Bronze Tripartite Belt Hooks from Pomerania as Proof of Cultural Connections in the Late Pre-Roman and Roman Period
Anna Strobin 1  
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Instytut Archeologii i Etnologii Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego
Publication date: 2020-01-28
Wiadomości Archeologiczne 2019;LXX(70):3–42
Tripartite bronze belt hooks of type Kostrzewski III are indicators of female attire in the Late Pre-Roman Period in Pomerania. Here, belt hooks from 31 sites have been collected, all of them related to the Oksywie or Wielbark Cultures, or to the Oder Group of the Jastorf Culture. Finds from outside of Pomerania are also included as comparative objects. The most common form of such belt hooks in Pomerania was type IIIb, being in use from phase A2 of the Late Pre-Roman Period. Roughly at the same time, these belt hooks appeared in Brandenburg. Belt hooks of type IIIa are somewhat older, while belt hooks of type IIIc are younger, as they were in use from phase A3 up to phase B2 of the Roman Period. Chronology of the artefacts, indicates that Pre-Roman traditions persisted in the Roman Period, even though belt buckles had been already introduced.