New finds of bow brooches from Sambia and Natangia
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Институт археологии Российской академии наук, ул. Дм. Ульянова 19, RUS 117036 Москва Калининградский областной музей янтаря, пл. Маршала Василевского, 1, RUS 236016, г. Калининград
Wiadomości Archeologiczne 2017;LXVIII(68):302–310
The article discusses three bow brooches found in recent years in Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation coinciding with the historic territories of Sambia and Natangia. All the brooches are stray finds either picked up during fieldwalking or found by accident. They represent different types, each with a different provenance. Chronologically they all belong in the Late Migration Period, from its earliest to its final phase – the brooches from Kievskoe, Zelenogradsk District (Fig. 2:1), and Ušakovo, Gur'evsk District (Fig. 2:2) may be referred to phase E1, the brooch from Okunevo, Zelenogradsk District (Fig. 2:3) to phase E2. The group of late bow brooches is represented by the most recently published specimen from Vavilovo, Bagrationovsk District (Fig. 2:4) which dates to phase E3. The brooches under discussion have added to our source database of this category of artefacts from the territory of the Dollkeim/Kovrovo Culture, improving our understanding of its connections during the late Migration Period. It is notable that all three brooches published here for the first time (Kievskoe, Ušakovo and Okunevo) belong to types previously not recorded sin the Dollkeim/Kovrovo territory.