Non-invasive Study of Archaeological Landscape Around the Town of Ryczywół, Kozienice County
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Stowarzyszenie Starożytników ul. Młynarska 35a/45 PL 01-175 Warszawa
Montefortino Prospekcja Digitalizacja ul. Białobrzeska 15/154 PL 02-370 Warszawa
Publication date: 2018-12-31
Wiadomości Archeologiczne 2018;LXIX(69):211-217
The goal of the archaeological research was to verify the original location of the former town of Ryczywół (Fig. 1–3), situated near the outlet of the Radomka River to the Vistula River, and to reconstruct the network of its streets. The research included surface prospection combined with the verification of data obtained from a LiDAR analysis and geophysical surveys (Fig. 4, 5). As a result of the application of integrated research methods, the location of the so-called Old Ryczywół – for years erroneously placed at the location of the present-day outlet of the Radomka to the Vistula – was identified. Based on the analysis of the pottery, it was also discovered that the majority of the archaeological sites found earlier in this area are multicultural (Fig. 6). Among others, a settlement of the Lusatian Culture from the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age, a cemetery of the Lusatian Culture and a burial ground of the Cloche Grave Culture from the Early Iron Age, as well as a vast settlement of the Przeworsk Culture from the Roman Period were all registered here. It can be assumed that this area was attractive to man as a place of settlement since the dawn of history, and the trade route mentioned in the medieval and later sources most probably passed through there also in Antiquity
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