A Belt-Buckle type Snartemo-Sjörup from Nadrovia Region
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Институт Археологии Российской Академии Наук, ул. Дм. Ульянова 19, 117036 Москва
Wiadomości Archeologiczne 2015;LXVI(66):348–353
In 2006, at the fortified settlement Kamsvikus (Fig. 1, 2) close to Timofeevka village in Sambian Peninsula (former Tammau, Kr. Insterburg), a belt-buckle type Snartemo-Sjörup (Fig. 3) was accidentally discovered. At the same time, five Roman coins and a couple of pieces of silver artefacts I was found in a close vicinity of the find-spot. All of them are stored now in the Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Arts. The belt-buckle is made of gilded silver and decorated in niello. Buckles type Snartemo-Sjörup belonged to a male belts. They are known from both from warriors’ burials (Fig. 4) and from bog finds. The buckle from Kamsvikus is certainly an import from southern Scandinavia and may be securely dated to the end the 5th and the beginning of the 6th century AD, therefore it proves a Scandinavian influences within the Dollkeim/Kovrovo milieu in the late phase of the Migration Period.